Tourism in Buryatia

ICWAG president L. Gelibterman took part in the business part of the Baikal Travel Mart-2022 - Tourist exposition that was held in the capital of Buryatia, the city of Ulan-Ude. He made a presentation and told the assembled tourism market experts about the Gastrocamp project planned to be held in the Republic in autumn of 2022.

“Leonid Vladimirovich, many thanks for your participation in the business part of our exposition! You really raised its level! I look forward to further cooperation"
Tuyana Dugarova, Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Buryatia
Ecosophy project
A press conference dedicated to the start of the Ecosophy - the environmental project of ANO Russia - Land of Opportunity (RLO) - was held at the International Multimedia Press Center of the Russia Today International Information Agency.
The press conference was attended by representatives of state structures, public organizations, environmentalists, winners of RLO projects.
Ecosophy (translated as "House of Wisdom") is a new project of the presidential platform Russia – land of opportunity", aimed at developing the ecological culture of the country's population.
The Russian environmental operator was a co-organizer of the Ecosophy project; the All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation (VOOP), Roszapovedcenter, the Center for the Development of the Water Management Complex of Russia, and the Russian Geographical Society were the project partners.
The Ecogastronomy nomination will be one of the directions of Ecosophy. It will be open to restaurants, hotels, food and beverage producers that use the principles of environmental friendliness and locality in their work. It was proposed to supervise the nomination to the president of the ICWAG L. Gelibterman, mentor of the Masters of Hospitality competition and chairman of the Committee for the Protection of the Natural Gastronomic Heritage of the VOOP.