Letter of appreciation from the Chairman of IWFS Europe and Africa

On 17th of March the Chairman of Moscow (National) Branch of IWFS Leonid Gelibterman received a letter of appreciation from the Chairman of IWFS Europe and Africa, John Nicolas. In his message, Mr. Nicholas said «You may recall that I announced a small prize for the most enterprising and interesting virtual event organized during lockdowns. There were numerous entries and many branches have been conducting virtual events during the various lockdowns, though not always submitting an article for Food & Wine/F&W online.. Shortly the next edition of Food & Wine will be despatched. You will discover that The Moscow branch has been selected as the winner to recognize that it was one of the first virtual meetings, showed the way that virtual events could be open to those who were not actually present and was well written up with great photographs. I personally believe that the article showed many branches what could be done. With best wishes and congratulations»