Tasting of chaga-based beverages

On April 13, 2022, a presentation of beverages made on the basis of chaga (birch mushroom) was held in the Buloshnaya restaurant house.
The presentation was organized by the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy and the Social Movement "Hydroecology" under the leadership of L.B. Bazhenova.
Representatives of the NLP GROUP manufacturer, the Phyto Gourmet brand, told the tasting guests, among whom were restaurateurs, hoteliers, chefs, scientists and journalists, about production technologies affecting the collection of chaga, its processing, packaging and the process of creating new beverages.
Cold and hot drinks based on chaga were offered for tasting: tea with pink raviola and sagan-dail, lemonade with sea buckthorn and ginger, cocktail "exotic" based on "smart water", coffee brewed on chaga dust (cappuccino and espresso), and fried ice cream was served for dessert.