Hotel «Ambassador Kaluga» hosted a dinner of Uzbek cuisine of the international project "Cuisines of the world in Kaluga".

The regular dinner of the international project "Cuisines of the world in Kaluga" was dedicated to the Republic of Uzbekistan. Lovers of Uzbek cuisine and culture from the Kaluga Region, Moscow, Tver, other Russian cities and from abroad gathered in the Ambassador Hall of the Hotel «Ambassador Kaluga». Chef Shukur Fayziev offered the guests a varied menu headed by the author's Uzbek rice pilaf. The dinner was accompanied by a cultural program and a quiz with prizes provided by the of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation and the sponsors of the dinner. The event was moderated by the ICWAG President Leonid Gelibterman. The dinner was attended by the Vice-Governor of the Kaluga region and the ministers of the local government.