Thai dinner with the Royal Chef in Moscow

International Center of Wine and Gastronomy and Ksenia Karaulova's Restaurant House, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand in the Russian Federation, the Tourism Authority of Thailand “Amazing Thailand”, the federal network of premium Thai spa “Wai Thai”, the “Royal Siam Box” brand of premium Thai fruits and “Vintage-M” wine trading company, held an evening dedicated to the gastronomic culture of Thailand. Chef Thongsuk Channamom, who cooked dishes for members of the Royal family of Thailand and top officials of the Russian Federation in collaboration with the brand chef of the Ksenia Karaulova's Restaurant House, the talented Fedor Solodkin and the team of the “Senpolia” restaurant, served an exquisite dinner of 9 courses. The gastronomic event was accompanied by a cultural program. The Charge d'affaires of Thailand in the Russian Federation, Ms. Waraphanne Damrongmanee, gave the evening the highest assessment, and numerous Russian dinner guests agreed with her